About Me


Growing up I've always loved animals - I was that kid that came home with something in my arms saying "Mom can we keep it?"

I originally went to school for film and ended up working in marketing. During COVID I was looking for some way I could help local rescues while using my creative side and instantly saw that rescues desperately need photography services.  I have since started a mission to help all the animal rescues I can with great photography.

It is important to me that my in home services are affordable because everyone should be able to get amazing photos of their pets.

Why I love working with rescues

I started my journey in rescues by assisting with behavior issues as well as fostering. Instantly I fell in love with all the animals I helped and was bummed to realize that some animals just don't get adopted for no other reason than they just don't look great. 

Rescues give and give and give so I feel it's only fitting that I give my services in order to support. Having a good photo of rescue animals is not only rewarding but shows a animal in a new light which often times leads them to getting adopted or showcases the rescue in a meaningful way which helps them raise awareness and funds to support the rescue. 


My Pet Muses


10/10 Good Girl

Foster mother of cats

Basically a Walmart greeter


CHONK life

Enemy of birds

Likely a Bond villian

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Polydactyl cat extraordinaire

MEOWdol level midnight

Destroyer of yarn


Cuddle Champ 2020

Chirper of birds

Professional lap warmer