Our Mission

In 2020 there were a total of 3,241,310 dog and cat intakes into shelters and rescues - that's A LOT!  Of those over 200,000 animals were euthanized by the shelter (source). This isn't the shelters fault but the lack of resources facing U.S. shelters and one of those resources is adoptable pets. More rescues can save these pets if they are able to adopt out current pets in their rescue. 

Now days most people now look on shelter websites, social media and pet adoption sites to find a pet that strikes their attention and with poor photos most people turn the other way. Who can resist a cute puppy next to a scared Pitbull? But I aim to change that and I need your help. With updated professional photos that show the vibrancy of the animal rather than just their intake photos we can help local shelters and rescues strive to achieve more pet adoptions on pets who would otherwise be looked the other way on. 


How You Can Help


  • Sign up and get connected with other photographers

  • Join in creating a local rescue advisory board per your area

  • Help other photographers with tips & tricks and joining our discord channel

  • Be available to help local rescues in your area if they reach out

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Let's get to work saving animals!